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This off-the-beaten-path destination is a spirited blend of Pacific surf town ambience and authentic Mexican country culture.

Sayulita, Nayarit

The small fishermen’s town of Sayulita maintains an eclectic vibe reminiscent of a more nostalgic era. Framed by picturesque hills, lush jungle terrain, and a destination-worthy beach, it is a hidden jewel filled with laidback, friendly locals and passionate surfers. The Guardian calls it “hippy-chic Mexico on the Pacific coast”…

Sayulita’s cobblestone street market is noted for its many unique shopping opportunities. With handcrafted artisanal jewelry vendors, one-of-a-kind Mexican folk art galleries, and fashionable boutiques, you’re sure to find a few treasures to commemorate your visit.

With over a hundred authentic taco and torta stands, quaint cafes, and sumptuous fine dining establishments, there are nearly limitless options to satiate the adventurous palate, the budget traveler, and the organic food fanatic alike.

From sun-soaked beach relaxation to thrilling watersports, there is an abundance of activities in and around Sayulita to make this your most memorable vacation yet. Soak up the local culture at Sayulita Plaza, the town’s lively center square. Fill your days with sport fishing, horseback riding, humpback whale watching, ATV rides, and jungle hikes. Catch some of the world’s best surf and stand up paddle boarding waves or explore the ocean underneath with swimming and snorkeling. Unwind with a soothing massage at one of Sayulita’s many day spas or simply lounge on the sands, sway in a hammock, and let the sun melt away your stress.


The Beach

Sayulita’s prime beach, facing onto the Pacific Ocean’s sparkling waters, is one of the village’s greatest draws and only steps away from your room at Hotel Vista Oceana. Renowned for its surfing but welcoming to all, there’s always something to do at this seaside hotspot. The golden sands are sprinkled with brightly colored umbrellas as fellow travelers and locals alike bronze in the sunrays. Swimmers plunge into the ocean’s refreshing tides while bodysurfers float in the breaking waves. Families of tropical fish in a kaleidoscope of colors flit beneath the clear ocean waters and swim alongside the snorkelers and divers. Beachcombers take idyllically romantic twilight strolls and quiet morning treks along the expansive shoreline. On the horizon, fishing lines fly from chartered boats in hopes of luring in a big catch. The adventurers rise above the waves on paddleboards, kayaks, sailboards, boogie boards, and, of course, surfboards.


A true surfer’s paradise, Sayulita’s waters attract lovers of the sport from all over the world. In fact, Vogue listed it as the fifth best surfing town in Mexico and The Inertia listed the area as the best family-friendly surf destination in the world. The warm water bay offers consistent waves year round, with peak season running from December to early April as the north swell hits, and the breaks are known to be equally fun for learners and challenging for the experienced diehards. The main beach boasts a right hander break for longboards in front of the village and a faster left break further north by the campgrounds. A variety of surfboard rentals and lessons for all skill levels are readily available at the beachfront for anyone hoping to dip their toe into the exhilarating sport. Sayulita also hosts several surf competitions every year.


What’s Nearby

For those looking to traverse beyond the town of Sayulita, there are boundless adventures waiting in the surrounding area. Hidden beaches, invigorating hikes, and challenging jungle bike trails are just some of the many experiences for you to conquer.

Crossing the river to North Sayulita will lead you to another sweeping beach; home to nesting turtles, swooping pelicans, and spacious untouched sands.

The north hills of Sayulita, known as Nanzal, are a high hike but those with the willpower to make the trek are rewarded with one of the most spectacular views.

Making the hour-long hike along the captivating beach and through the rugged jungle trails will lead you to Sayulita’s northern neighbor, San Pancho. Alike in size and seaside locale, San Pancho trades surfboards for polo matches and is lauded for its prime bird watching sites as well as lush golf courses upon the hill.

To the south of Sayulita you will stumble upon Los Muertos, the beach of the dead, which is a small but spirited stretch of sand. Sea waters at Los Muertos are calm and ideal for snorkeling and swimming. The nearby graveyard that gives the beach its name is pure magic to walk through.

On the south side of the peninsula sits the ruggedly isolated yet wildly stunning Carricitos beach. This rocky hideaway is less than an hour’s walk from downtown Sayulita.

Trekking further down the southern coast of Nayarit will lead you to Punta Mita and the stylish Anclote Beach with an eclectic blend of high end dining establishments and funky, down-to-earth beachfront activities. From here you can catch a boat to the Marietas Islands for rare bird sightings, seasonal whale watching, and snorkeling.